Jing Ding

Bellevue West

Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.

11100 Main Street, Suite 200

Bellevue, WA 98004

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Jing has been voted as a "Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in WA" By Real Estate Executive Magazine in 2016.

**************************************************************************** Growing up in a small village of China, Jing always wondered about the world outside. She came to the States in 2000 on a scholarship to pursue a PhD degree. After spent the first ten years in California, she got burned up by the sun. Moving to Seattle in 2010, she immediately fell in love with the green scenery here, which reminded her of the hometown she grew up in.

She bought her first house in Sacramento, California. The house lost half of its value when the housing bubble burst. That was a hard lesson to learn. After that, she decided to get her own license in Washington state. She wants to make sure this time she will make the right decision and buy the right house. Indeed, she got licensed in July 2012. A few months later, she was able to win a tough bidding war and purchased her own house in Redmond WA. She was thrilled and couldn''t wait to use her skills to benefit other people.

Since then Jing realized real estate is where her true passion is. Her clients are all referred from friends, by word of mouth. She truly cares about her clients, always offers the best service. So far she was able to help clients finding houses on the eastside that they love, no matter it is a condo, townhouse, or single family houses. Contact Jing for what you need and she will find the right home for you.